MATCHA PANCAKES IN GREECE vegan? probably not… maybe 

One random day in February of 2017, when I was 18. I made a dramatic, life-altering decision. What caused me to make this decision? IDK tbh. I just decided to stop eating meat. I just woke up one day and that was it.

I was developing a healthier diet slowly over the past few years so it naturally escalated to this. Other factors that could have contributed are the media and people I surround myself with what I consider positive influences. I was growing with my spirituality in general so I believe there was a relationship there. 

Why did I decide to go this route?! Two simple reasons, I wanted to look good, feel good. Not to say that if you do not follow this diet you will not look good or feel good, just my personal preference. Yes, these are selfish reasons, but I’m an only child so I am naturally selfish lol.. Kidding! Of course, I care about the animals as well that was a big part of it,  but I had many reasons. 

I remember it was not hard at all and to this day it is easy. I do not even crave it. Keep in mind I never ate steak or loved burgers that much before. I would say chicken strips were one of my favorites, but the fake chicken really does it for me so I survive out here! TOFU FOR LIFE. The cool part that is interesting, when other people eat meat around me it does not bother me in the slightest. You do you, I’ll do me. 

BoDy ChAnGeS: I remember I slimmed out a little and some weight just dropped. Which I was happy about, and also confused. I did sports all through high school and exercised consistently in college and remained a consistent weight. It really shows the importance of diet. I did not lose like 20 pounds or anything, however, I just felt lighter. Fun fact but also my poops are super regular and consistent so that is nice… Could be because I am young and all of that, but I think my diet has a  big impact on it. Also what is great, is that when I do eat unhealthily, my body is able to flush it out quickly and easily. I would say I did have more gas as well but nothing too crazy. (ew okay moving on)

Friends and family are supportive enough. I do not really care what they eat so I do not think they should care what I eat. At Thanksgiving Dinner this year, I made avocado toast while everyone was eating turkey and it was the best avocado toast I have ever had. I think everyone thought I was just trying to be extra and dramatic. Especially since it was my first Thanksgiving with this lifestyle. In reality, I was just hungry and there was not much food there that I felt like eating. I would say if you were in this situation just laugh it off and move on with life. I usually just eat simple meals and I am obsessed with it! I will do a post of typical meals I enjoy. 

In summary, it was a slow process for me that took time to ease into and that is okay! Now I live a healthy-ish, enough, lifestyle. I feel happy and healthy and that is all that matters at the end of the day! When people ask if I am vegetarian or vegan or whatever the heck I am. I do what I want, when I want! That is truly how it is. (when it comes to food and life lol) I just usually prefer to eat healthier foods. But sometimes I eat the avocado egg rolls and salmon when I feel I need it and that is perfectly okay. 

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