10 Things GOD Wants You To Remember

Jesus promises can not be broken.

I will give you rest. Just ask.

I will bless you. Blessings come in many different forms and can be disguised.

I will not fail you. At times you may think He has failed you, but He has not. He wants what is best for ALL of us.

I will strengthen you. Even when things seem unbearable.

I will answer you. It takes time and effort. We must foster our relationship with Him just like our friendships. If you and your friend do not talk for two months, there would be no meaningful communication or relationship. Same with Jesus. He will always help us and respond to us in some way.

I believe in you. Even when no one believes in you and you do not believe in yourself. He is our biggest fan and cheerleader.

I am for you. All in for us. He died for us, he is all about us. He is kind of obsessed with us (In the best of ways).

I will be with you. He will not be with you physically, but through a friend, family member, or pet? He works through people and is always in our hearts.

I will provide for you. This does not mean God will provide you with three range rovers…It means he will give you what you need when you need it. Not necessarily what you want.

I love you. My personal favorite. Jesus loves you no exceptions and that is beautiful. (I love you too) ❤



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